Your Wedding in Paradise!

Come to the Land of Aloha for your special, customized Hawaiian wedding. You can make all the choices to have the wedding of your dreams and do it all on your budget. Do you want a huge marriage ceremony or just the two of you? Whatever you want, you can have!

  • Religious or nonreligious wedding ceremony
  • Vow renewal or anniversary ceremony
  • Traditional English or Japanese language marriage blessing
  • Traditional or customized
  • Large or just the two of you (in Hawai’i, no witnesses are legally required)
  • Music
  • Flowers
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Doves

I am an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church with 28 years of experience in pastoral ministry. I have been a pastor to both large and small churches, but now I specialize in wedding ministry here in Hawai’i.

I am a professional who can pronounce you husband and wife on your wedding day, whether on the beach, in a park, in a gorgeous Hawaiian estate, or even a palace! Whether in rain or shine, you can have the wedding of your dreams.

I am licensed in the State of Hawai’i to perform weddings (something that is required in our Aloha State), and I can provide you with whatever kind of ceremony you want, from the most casual, secular wedding to a religious wedding–very traditional or completely customized.

Would you like music? Flowers? Photography? Videos? Doves? I can offer you many options in each of these. If you want music, you can have anything from an ukulele player on the beach to a male/female duet singing “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” with piano accompaniment indoors at a beautiful Hawaiian estate or Oahu hotel. If you want flowers, you can have anything from bouquets to leis! If you want photography, you can have stills and/or videos. Would you like doves to be released at your wedding?

Would you like your wedding to be formal, complete with gown and tuxedo with me in a liturgical robe and stole, or would you like us all to stand barefooted in aloha attire? Either of these styles can be done on the beach!

You can call any time to discuss the wedding of your dreams! I look forward to pronouncing you husband and wife.


The Reverend Daniel J. Werning, MCM, MAR